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Welcome to Rincon Broadband, Internet Service Provider

High-Speed Wireless Internet
Rincon Broadband is offering high-speed wireless Internet access to most areas of the Santa Barbara South Coast and the Santa Ynez Valley including the Gaviota Coast, Goleta, Paradise Canyon, Santa Ynez, Woodstock, Los Olivos, Solvang, Santa Barbara, Montecito, Summerland and Carpinteria starting at just $49 per month for homes and $75 per month for businesses. We have been providing quality service since 2005 and specialize in bringing rural and urban homes and businesses the reality of reliable, high speed Internet access. If you are struggling with a painfully slow “dial up” or satellite connection, we offer a low priced “always on” connection to the Internet at broadband speeds and low latency. If you would like to save money by “breaking away” from your cellular internet wireless card, DSL or cable internet provider, we can offer a high speed, competitively priced connection to the Internet without the need for cable TV or a phone line. Call or email us today to realize the beauty of a high speed wireless Internet connection from Rincon Broadband.

Serving the Santa Barbara South Coast and the Santa Ynez Valley
Rincon Broadband is a locally owned and operated business. We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service and a reliable, high speed product. When you call or email Rincon Broadband, you are communicating directly with the technicians of the company, not an outsourced, overseas operator. The majority of our business comes by “word of mouth” which means that our customers are pleased with the value and reliability of our service. We have the ability to monitor our network with network management software and we can solve potential problems before they occur. If something does go wrong, we typically know before the customer does and many times, we are able to solve the issue before the client even knows they had a problem. We strive for a 99% + “up time” on our network. Call or email us today. If your home or business resides within our service area, we can generally have you connected within the week and many times in just a few days.

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