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Rincon Broadband, Internet Service Provider. High speed wireless Internet for Santa Barbara County, Carpinteria, Carpinteria Valley, Goleta, Ojai, Gaviota, Central Coast, California, Hollister Ranch, Paradise Road and the Santa Ynez Valley.

Services we provide:

Residential Class Package - $49.00/month

The Residential Class Package is great for most homes with one or two people using the internet at the same time. Features include a minimum shared download speed of 1 Megabit per second and upload speed of 768K per second. The package includes up to 4 email addresses.


Gold Class Package - $75.00/month

The Gold Class Package is perfect for small to medium businesses and residences with multiple computers. Features include a minimum shared download speed of 2 Megabits/second and an upload speed of 1 Megabit/second.The package includes up to 8 email addresses.


Custom Packages -

Custom tailored speeds are available. If you have specialized needs please let us know. We are also able to perform internal wireless networking including multiple access points and campus wide wireless implementations.


Installation -

Installation costs $350 and includes a wireless router.  The equipment is owned by Rincon Broadband and if any equipment should fail through no fault of the property owner, Rincon Broadband will replace the equipment.   Setup an installation appointment today by calling 805.684.1292.


Other Services -

Rincon Broadband has the ability to help you with your internal networking issues.  Whether you need to set up an internet connection for a new computer or create a whole business network, Rincon Broadband’s network technicians can design and implement a solution for you.   Many home and business owners are setting up video surveillance camera systems.  We can efficiently install and configure systems so you can view them remotely over the internet.  Let us know how we can help you.
Our technicians are capable of fixing many computer problems at very competitive prices.  Please call our technical help line to set up an appointment.

Call or Email today to start your service with Rincon Broadband.

phone: 805.684.1292

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